Some individuals experience regular breakout that they identify, treat or ignore. Others experience a continuous endeavor to maintain a clear skin free of acne. The latter group gets remedy in over-the-counter items, but they may consider seeing a specialist for their condition. Contrary to most people's perception that a dermatologist is an acne doctor, a dermatologist is a skilled expert in various fields, and managing acne scars is only a part of it.


A dermatologist in Boca Raton cares for a broad range of cosmetic problems and diseases related but not limited to the skin. Apart from the skin, these experts are knowledgeable and deal with the hair, nails, and scalp. If you are not convinced that you should see a dermatologist in Boca Raton, below are a few reasons why you need to do so.


Every year, over one million cases of non-melanoma skin cancer are reported in the country. Your skin is usually exposed to this risk, and more so exposure to the sun heightens the chances of skin cancer. A dermatologist will scrutinize your skin for cancer and make proposals on how often you should have your skin examined depending on your risk components and exam. Skin cancer is among the most preventable sorts of cancer and has an excellent prognosis when detected at its onset. Therefore, it is imperative to book an appointment with a dermatologist in boca raton to get your skin examined and ensure to go for annual checkups.          


Since you are not a skin expert knowing the right facts and the correct products for a condition can be challenging. You will be torn between what to do and the right approach for any problem you encounter. Consulting a dermatologist can help you comprehend your skin type and the best products to use as well as provide information on your nails, hair and skin care. If you are worried about skin damage or taking care of your aging skin, a dermatologist can propose lifestyle changes and products that minimize your exposure to damaging components.  



There are some conditions that do not work with over-the-counter products and you may perceive that you're itchy, red or flaky skin is due to sensitivity to skin care products, weather or even genetics. You may be suffering from chronic skin diseases such as psoriasis or eczema. Such conditions may resurface over your lifetime since prescription lotion, and steroids medication only reduce the redness and itchiness. Chronic skin conditions like these can effectively be managed under the care of a ultherapy boca raton dermatologist.